Förderung der Reformpädagogik in Österreich

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Our primary task is to be a platform for all those educators who are looking for new ways of designing lessons and for whom it is important to put pupils at the center of the action. We strive for a pleasant learning atmosphere and personal approach to our students. We want to ensure that our students not only gain knowledge, but also develop the skills to think and act independently. Based on the ideas of Helen Parkhurst, we will work with you to find a modern way of working together. A way of encouraging and demanding the development of the individual skills of each person involved. The schoolchildren and the educators.


If you have the feeling that conventional structures are overwhelming for pedagogues and students as well as parents, then open your eyes to new things. Go with us a new old way according to the principles of the Dalton Plan and shape with us a school of the future in which it is fun again and curiosity is aroused. A path of new harmony…


If you have any questions or if you wish to register for membership, please do not hesitate to  contact  us.





Dr. Simone Reichenberger, MEd
Tobisegg 204
8503 St. Josef/ Weststmk.

+43 660/8181253

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