Förderung der Reformpädagogik in Österreich

Auszeichnung für Präsident Peters

24.12.2020 11:28

Am 13. November erreichte uns eine erfreuliche Mitteilung aus Holland. Wir zitieren auszugsweise:

..."Together with our Czech colleagues we visited the first Dalton school in Austria. Brno is not so far from Vienna. The “Europaschule”, with Director Jürgen Peters was often our target to visit with several delegations from Holland and other countries. Jürgen was the Director and Dalton inspirator in the school.

It isn’t surprising that when he entered the period being pensioned many of his colleagues remained his close friends. And I can proudly say that I am one of them.

Together we spoke about the possibility of founding the official Dalton association for Austria. I convinced Jürgen that he was the best person to be the President of “Dalton Austria”. In the meantime Dalton Austria has an impressive history and actual activities.



At the end of this year Jürgen Peters is ending his task as President of Dalton Austria. Simone Reichenberger, the director of the Dalton school “Sternschule” in Deutschlandsberg, will take over the task as President of Dalton Austria.

This is the moment to speak out our gratitude for everything Jürgen did for the Dalton development in Austria, but also for many initiatives and his enthusiastic support of Dalton International, including many wise advices for me personally.

It is a great pleasure to announce that the board of Dalton International decided to give Jürgen Peters the position “Member of Honor”.

During the next personal meeting it will be my pleasure to hand over this certificate."




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